Your employees come first. And if you treat your employees right, guess what? Your customers come back, and that makes your shareholders happy. Start with employees and the rest follows from that.” – Herb Kelleher

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Do you find yourself dealing with one employee and the same underlying issue over and over again? 
"Hey. They aren't great, but it could be worse." 
Maybe you are like most good managers, you don't want to give up someone you have invested a lot of time in. Perhaps as sometimes happens, this is a new issue with a long-time employee, and you really don't want to lose him.   


You must see something in the person or you wouldn't still have them around. You've tried everything and nothing seems to get through.

Plus, you know that turnover costs on average $3500 per turn. You have already invested a lot of time and resources. And, the next person might not be any better. Not to mention the time you will lose and the stress on the others picking up the slack while you find a replacement. 

We are here to say, you don't have to settle. Good employees are hard to find, but one bad one can infect the whole team. 


This is where Equipany can help.

It's likely not your fault. As an employer (manager or HR leader), you have limits to what you can talk about with an employee.

Sometimes mentoring or warnings are not enough. They just are not getting it. Sometimes the only successful intervention needs to come from an outside source to get employees on track. There are tools, tactics and strategies that can help them be more effective, and they don't know it. As an employer you are limited in what you can say. But a smart outsider can show them the way. We can provide a safe environment for those who are struggling to learn and grow and finally see what roadblocks are causing them trouble.  

It's not your fault. You can solve the problem by handing it over to us. Then, you have given this employee a great gift. It's up to him or her to make the most of it. 


Building up Mid-level Employees and Managers ($1000 for 12-week program)

You have invested a lot in your employees and you want all of them to work out. But, sometimes an individual just isn't getting it. We can help. Group training plus individual coaching gives you a cost-effective alternative when you are nearing the last steps.  Remember, the average turnover costs $3500. 

Young Professionals Training Program ($500 for 12-week program)

You see potential and good skills in some of your less experienced people. But, sometimes they just don't get what is needed to make it in business. Group training plus individual coaching gives you a cost-effective alternative when your mentoring is just not getting through.  

Do you have a team that is just not working together well at all or simply could be more effective? Perhaps little conflicts are now getting in the way of consistent success? By utilizing a unique and restorative process for resolving disputes but applying in a business setting, we can make a remarkable difference. 

Let's talk about options, and how we can make your life easier by getting your team on track. You can expect a bottom line impact. Your team is your success.

Hire Right from the Start

Can't find the right person for a unique position? Looking for a unicorn? Just don't have time to do all of that resume reviewing or interviewing? We can do it for you. We are not recruiters. We simply charge by the hour or the project to write ads, review resumes and/or weed through to get to the top candidates. Contact us for a full price list. Save thousands of dollars and get the right person the first time. 

Executive Coaching Package ($1000 / mth)

Catapult your success to get to your next level. Monthly packages include weekly 45-minute appointments. Initial appointment in person; subsequent meetings in person or via phone. Unlimited email and phone support as needed. What got you here is not what will get you there. Invest in your future.

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