About the founder
Kathryn "Tate" Ringer

Professionally, Kathryn (also known as Tate @discoveringtate) has been a CEO, a sales leader, a manager, an executive coach and a successful consultant to businesses of all shapes and sizes. In a pivotal moment to help a global tech company's manufacturing and design teams solve a particular problem, she took a big risk and disrupted a standard strategy session to mediate an underlying issue that was a big elephant in the room. Facilitating the team's effectiveness by breaking through their communication barriers was the difference between success and failure for the project - and their big goals for the coming year.

Opportunities for deeper work with other clients flowed from that moment on, and in 2011 she formalized her expertise by obtaining a Master's in Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management at SMU's ground-breaking program. Her coursework focused on organizational structure and leadership.

She has multiple certifications in other consulting and coaching programs and is a certified Mediator with the State of Texas. Especially as an operational, visionary leader, she uses her degree and certifications every day to not only support people but drive bottom-line results. Like Herb Kelleher says, employees are the success of the company. Ultimately, Tate considers herself a teacher who supports people in removing blocks and blind spots to uncover their best selves. 


Most importantly, she's been there. And, she can do for your employees what you want to do, but simply can't because you are the employer. 

Degrees and Certifications
  • Master's in Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management

  • Transformative Mediation specialty

  • Texas Certified Mediator incl. Family Law 

  • Institute for Cultural Affairs Facilitation

  • Crucial Conversations

  • International Coaching Association 

  • Over 15 years of executive leadership experience including sales, HR, OD and management

  • Over 20 years of consulting experience

  • Thousands of hours of executive coaching


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